Clean Mattress? Here’s How!

Getting a good night sleep in a  clean and comfortable mattress is always essential to both the mental and physical well-being of our body. When was the last time you have cleaned your mattress? If you are unsure of this, remember you have been spending six or seven hours there every night which means your mattress has to put up with a lot!

 Your mattress is something that you have invested in for the long-term so to preserve it and prevent it from giving you health issues, Mattress Sales Liquidators in Escondido found the best ways in keeping them clean, and fresh.


 Use a clean hoover attachment or a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, dead skin cells, and debris from the mattress. This is recommended on a  monthly basis. Read the mattress instruction as advised. If it is against hovering, then use a damp cloth instead to wipe away any debris and leave it to dry.

 Using a natural deodorizer or Baking Soda, sift over the mattress surface for 30 minutes as this will help neutralize any odors from all the sweat, dust, and other nasty smell. Adding Essential oils like lavender can also leave you with a lovely smelling bed for a great night’s sleep.

 Cleaning stains may seem to be an unpleasant task. A quick tip is to use a cold, wet cloth as soon as possible. Do not wash it in hot water as this will set stains that have not been removed yet. Press blot with motion and avoid rubbing it any further. Applying a small amount of laundry detergent with a clean damp cloth also helps but do not overwet the mattress for it is difficult to dry.

A wide variety of mattress stain removers are also available on the market; a citrus cleanser for simple and unidentified stains, hydrogen peroxide for blood and urine stains or baking soda after applying detergents for particular stubborn stains, and perhaps a vacuum in the area will help the next day.

 Give these tips a try and sleep soundly in a fresh and clean mattress. Call Mattress Sale Liquidators at  760-336-1735 to further assist you with your mattress queries in Escondido.


Shopping The First Mattress For Your Child

Starting with story time to pillow fights, your child’s attachment towards their very first bed is an asset in the event and a significant turning point in their life.


Buying your small one’s new bed can be an alarming job with countless essential ideas to consider to make sure it becomes an established lifetime benefit and help. To assist you to know whether it’s the perfect time to find a mattressfor your child, we have made a few guidelines to help you as your child adapts to his/her new bed. Here are telltale signs to know if it’s time to buy:

 Every child is different in their willingness to adjust to a new bed. Because readiness is a crucial part of your child’s transition to the bed, being careful of their progress is important. The hint that your child is prepared for the change is when they are already capable of climbing out of their crib, an alarming occasion for either parents and children. To avoid mischiefs with them ending up falling out of their crib, the change must happen ahead with your small one showing that he/she is capable of getting out of bed on their own.

It is also essential to look for your child’s conversational and non-conversational hints when it’s time to sleep and wake up in the morning if they are ready or not for the change. Such as if your small one says they have a back pain or is regularly not able to get plenty of sleep, it’s probably a perfect time to change into a big kid bed.

 The reason why it’s important:

 Since your child is growing, the mattress will help their maturity. As children’s bones grow or develop, it is important to select a sleep surface that will give the required assistance to escape spinal issues in the future.

Moreover, this development shows a chance to spend in a bed that your child can benefit for a lifetime. A full size or a queen size mattress are most common with parents as it can offer more space and relief for family affairs such as story time.

 Shopping for the first mattress of your small one is really alarming and in some way very exciting.  Call Mattress Sale Liquidators at 760-336-1735 to further assist you with your mattress queries in Escondido.

Finding The Right Mattress For A Good Night Sleep

Sleeping on a faulty mattress can give you lower back pain. The absence of proper mattress support increases bad sleeping posture, stresses muscles and prevents correct spine alignment.

 A mattress can influence a person’s sleep. When lying down for a long period of time, your weight decreases the flow of blood and thus limits the skin of oxygen and nutrients. This prompts the nerve cells and pain sensors in your skin to transmit signals to the brain for us to roll over. Rolling over fixes the blood flow to all the regions of your body, which also shortly breaks your sleep.


 The mattress is ideally the best solution for decreasing the pressure points on your body which ought to provide you a good night’s sleep. However, the perfect mattress is different for each person.
It doesn’t mean to say that since it is the most expensive and more advanced in technology, it is the right mattress for you. A higher price tag is a result of either the type of fabric used in the mattress and the stores that brand or sell it.

 Rather than focusing on how much it cost and its brand name, consider what you like for your mattress. Certain people fancy a firmer mattress while others prefer a softer kind. While there is no scientific proof to show that each kind of mattress will aid you to sleep more comfortably than the other, a person with a specific medical issue appears to rest comfortably on a specific mattress style.

 People with back or neck pain ought to take a golden approach in mattress buying, which is to try several mattresses first before finding the perfect one: not too hard, and not too soft either. If you choose a mattress that is too soft, you will drop down to the bottom. If you select the hard or firm mattress, you might acquire excessive stress on your backside, on your shoulders and at the back of your head.

For a better good night sleep and for help finding the perfect mattress, call Mattress Sale Liquidators at 760-336-1735 for further inquiries and your mattress needs in Escondido.

How to Choose the Perfect Mattress in Escondido


Are you trying to buy a new mattress in Escondido? You might think that you can just go out to a store and leave with a new mattress. Well, it might be harder than you think. The mattress industry has many different types of mattresses you can choose from. Furthermore, each company has different names and styles for mattresses. It is an endless hole of mattresses choices. However, finding the perfect bed for you is imperative. After all, you do spend countless hours sleeping. Having the perfect bed can help you rest and regain your energy every night. Below are some types of mattresses and their benefits.

 Hopefully, this information helps find the perfect mattress for you.


 What is an Innerspring mattress?

 An Innerspring mattress is a mattress composed of spring coils and cushion. A mattress can have 300 or more springs in it and can either be hard or soft. Innerspring mattresses can be a good for anyone. The firmness provides support for people with back problems. To test if this type of mattress is right for you,  try and lay on the mattress for about 10 minutes. It will give you a feel of the mattress.

 What are Latex and Memory Foam Mattresses?

 A latex mattress is made of rubber which gives support. Latex provides a firmer type of bed which is excellent for people with back problems. Memory foam mattresses are made of foams that conform to the shape of your body. Memory foam is a superb choice for people with muscle and chronic pain.

 What is an Air mattress?

 These types of beds provide a kind of customizable support. It is useful for couples who have different support needs. If you haven’t noticed, this type of bed isn’t the sort of blow up mattress that you buy at Walmart.

 Hopefully, this information has given you insight to some of the kinds of mattresses out there.  Choose the mattressthat’s right for you. Call Mattress Sale Liquidators at 760-336-1735 for your mattress needs in Escondido.

Mattress Stores Serving Orange County: Knowing When to Get a New One

Because a mattress greatly affects the quality of your sleep, you can determine when it’s time to get a new one based on how your body feels when you wake up in the morning. The general guideline is to replace a mattress every five to ten years; however, it’s best to consider going to mattress stores serving Orange County the moment your body starts complaining from lack of restful sleep.

Here are some signs that your mattress is keeping you from resting well:


A sagging and uneven mattress might be responsible for the aches and pains you feel in the morning. This is because the depression it’s been receiving from your body throughout the years is leaving sags where you sleep. These areas prevent your body from finding the most ideal sleeping position, making you feel achy and unrested even after several hours of sleep.!Mattress-Stores-Serving-Orange-County-Knowing-When-to-Get-a-New-One/c1b9i/57a997850cf2b4e1e13216fe

Expert Advice on How to Prepare for Mattress Shopping in Orange County

Buying a mattress is not a walk in the park. Several factors are to be considered. You can’t just go to a store and purchase the most affordable or the first bed you see. Because a mattress is one of the most important factors that affect the quality of your sleep, you need to take time in choosing the best one for you. Before going to a mattress store, make sure you do your homework first. This way, you have enough information to help you shop for your perfect mattress in Orange County.

Here are three ways to prepare for your mattress shopping:

Learn from Experience

Think about the mattresses you’ve slept on and find the type on which you feel most comfortable. Was it your grandmother’s bed? Was it the one in your most recent hotel room? Take note of the types and brands of those mattresses to start your search.!Expert-Advice-on-How-to-Prepare-for-Mattress-Shopping-in-Orange-County/c1b9i/57a996240cf2cb1cfffca7c0

Mattress Stores Near San Diego: Testing a Mattress Before Purchasing

Before buying a mattress, test it first. Don’t simply walk into one of the mattress stores in San Diego and make a purchase without assessing the products and making comparisons. Otherwise, you risk taking home a mattress that won’t let you sleep soundly, let alone comfortably at night. When testing a mattress, there are reminders to keep in mind, including the following:

Do It Naturally

When getting in and out of the mattress, do it as normally as possible. Imagine that you’re at home and you’re simply going to lie on the bed. This means that you don’t need to apply excessive pressure or jump on it just to test its durability or strength. It doesn’t work that way. Besides, mattresses at stores have little to protect them from an impact, so you actually risk ruining them.!Mattress-Stores-Near-San-Diego-Testing-a-Mattress-Before-Purchasing/c1b9i/57a994810cf2cb1cfffca62b

Mattresses Near San Diego: Taking Care of Your Bed for Quality Sleep

Your quality of sleep may depend on the mattress you use. A worn-out and unkempt mattress may cause sleep disturbances, which could eventually affect your health. This is why you need to ensure that your San Diego mattress is always in good condition. You can do this by taking good care of it, like any other precious item in your home.

Here are some maintenance tips to help you out:


When cleaning your mattress, strip it down so that you can check it for surface stains and soil. Use upholstery shampoo or a diluted mild soap to remove the dirt or stains. After cleaning it, let it dry completely before covering it up again.!Mattresses-Near-San-Diego-Taking-Care-of-Your-Bed-for-Quality-Sleep/c1b9i/57a98bf20cf2fdb0f74dc187