Most Mattress Stores Offer Special Beds that can Aid Asthma Patients

Based on the latest numbers from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, more than 20 million Americans are suffering from the debilitating chronic lung condition known as asthma. An individual suffering from asthma often experiences difficulty in breathing due to inflammation of airway passages. This inflammation can be triggered by a number of different things, even while you are sleeping, that increase the odds of an attack occurring.

What triggers an asthma attack while you are sleeping?

Dust mites, molds, and other foreign materials residing in your mattress are the most likely causes of your nighttime asthma attacks. Even if you observe proper maintenance and hygiene of your mattress, the materials it is made from can attract certain allergens that will cling to and reside inside your mattress.


Choosing the Perfect Mattress can Help Curb a Person’s Sleep Apnea

It’s a scenario often used for comedic purposes in movies and television, wherein a couple featured in a room where one snores loudly while the other one tries to sleep. As comedic as it may seem, snoring is actually one of the many telltale signs that you or your loved one is suffering from a medical disorder called sleep apnea.

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is defined as a sleeping disorder characterized by shallow breaths or several breathing pauses that can turn into loud snorts or choking sounds while you are sleeping. In real life, sleep apnea is far from a laughing matter. In fact, the National Institute of Health has named sleep apnea as one of the most common, yet the most difficult to diagnose, sleeping disorders. As a result, most Orange County patients suffering from sleep apnea are left untreated.

Can the Right Mattress Finally Give Insomniacs a Good Night’s Sleep?

It might seem so trivial, yet a sleepless night can have several negative effects on any individual, both physically and mentally. A night without any sleep can slow down mental processes that, in turn, can make physical reactions slow and sluggish. This is why it is not hard to imagine the hardships of those who are constantly suffering from lack of sleep, or what is commonly known as insomnia.

What Is Insomnia?

According to the National Sleep Foundation in Arlington, VA, insomnia is a state wherein an individual either has difficulty falling asleep and/or staying asleep. As a result, those suffering from insomnia regularly experiences varying degrees of mood disturbances, fatigue, low energy, and decrease performance in any activity, be it at work or at school.

Find and Get the Best Mattresses to Help in Easing Chronic Back Pains

Chronic back pain might be prevalent with middle-aged consumers but that does not mean that the younger ones are immune from this medical condition. In fact, even an activity as peaceful as sleeping can trigger painful backaches – especially if one is using the wrong mattress – even if it is purchased from a trustworthy mattress store in San Diego.

Contrary to the popular assumptions, not all mattresses are made equal.

Comfort vs. Support

Unfortunately, what most consumers fail to understand is that a mattress’ comfort does not necessarily go hand-in-hand with proper back support. Choosing a slightly rigid mattress can bring the needed back support but it will hardly be comfortable to sleep in. Likewise, a very soft bed might successfully lull you to sleep within a few minutes of lying in but you can be certain that your back will pay for it as soon as you wake up.

Celebrity Secrets: Who’s Sleeping and Who’s Not?

The world famous celebrities run an amazing and usually wild crazy lives. Touring for concerts, crazy film schedules, flying out and about across the country on short notice, etc. With their fame and lifestyle, it is not a surprise to us that the time they spend sleeping on their mattress is not that important. Insomnia and drug dependency have been involved in some world celebrity deaths, highlighting the problem of how unsafe sleep issues can be if not corrected.

 For other celebrities, what would their nights be without tossing and turning? Here are some gathered list of celebrities, old and new, who have shared their strange sleep problems. Check out who’s getting enough sleep and who spends their time on their mattress wide-awake.


 Renee Zellweger

 It shows that as an effect of how busy her schedule is, Miss Zellweger did not have time to sleep properly when she went on a 10-country promotional tour for the movie Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Exhausted people, celebrities or not, have issues relaxing and may stay awake troubling about their duties the next day.  Specialists propose a routine bedtime relaxation before bedtime. It might be an hour or two to get your body progress into sleep mode.

 Jennifer Lopez

 Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez place importance on having enough rest and sleep. The actress -turned-singer revealed that eight hours of sleep every night is her top beauty secret. The singer once said, “Sleep is my weapon, and I try to get eight hours a night, I think what works best is sleep, water, and a good cleanser.”

However, when the twins were born in 2008, she has to give up some of her beauty sleep. She says that the babies were holding her awake all night long until 6 a.m.

 Mariah Carey

 When it comes to singer Mariah Carey who is  39, she takes sleeping to a new level. She says, “I’ve got to sleep 15 hours to sing the way I want to,” she stated in an interview in 2007. Most of the grown-ups only require seven to nine hours a night. Doctors find it already strange if one sleeps half the day away. She also told one magazine about her humidifier habit: she has 20 humidifiers around her bed and says that it feels like sleeping in a steam room. The fact is, humidifiers moisten dry air and soothe sore throats, which helps her sing beautifully.

 Everyone has a routine before they go to bed, and there is always room for progress. It does not matter if you’re a celebrity or an average Joe/Josie, we can learn from each other when it comes to spending quality time in our mattress.

 You might want to get an Escondido mattress that will help you get a good night sleep and avoid issues like some celebrities experience. Call us at 760-336-1735 for any inquiries about mattresses that will lull you to slumber.

Facts About Sleep That You Don’t Know

Sleeping is one of the most critical components in our lives. It is interesting however that we still know little about napping. Numerous questions come up when we think about sleep. One such question is, why do we go to bed and why are we doing it? So before you hit your mattress tonight, let me tell you some totally amazing facts about sleep.


 Newborn babies get to steal 1,055 hours of sleep from their parents. Based on the facts from Medical Daily, new parents sacrifice a total of 44 days of sleep per year from their lovely, sleepless newborn babies.

 A human being can sleep without closing their eyes. People can sleep without closing their eyes like fishes do. That creates confusion whether the individual is sleeping or not, though.

 Heights disturbs your sleep. When you visit higher places like mountains, it will be difficult for you to go to sleep. The lack of oxygen on the heights can give way to insomnia attacks so always remember this before camping or hiking up in the mountains.

 Certain fantasies or dreams are projected in black and white. The interesting review reveals that 12% of people dream dreams in black and white. 75 percent were dreams of people who have colored televisions are available at home.

 We are the only mammals that can postpone sleep. We have the ability to make the body stop falling asleep especially if we are not finished watching or reading interesting things.

The maximum period recorded of a man without sleep is 11 days. It is not advisable to stay awake for days as ill effects to the body are expected to arise similar to what happened to the Chinese guy who tried to stay awake for 11 days just to watch football and died from exhaustion. The one who’s got the record in 1964, Randy Gardner, battled tiredness and endured excessive sleep deprivation after his adventure.

Unknown people in your dreams are not strangers. It feels weird seeing someone in your dream that you are not familiar with. You may not know them in person, but you might have passed them by or seen them once before. Our brains are not able to create people, but it can project familiar faces.

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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs from your Mattress

Have you encountered any insect bites when you go to sleep at night? It could be because of bed bugs on your mattress! If there are bed bugs, you would want to get rid of these from your mattress and away from your Escondido home. Do not wait until such time that they give you any huge trouble. Here’s how to get rid of those troublesome pests.


First of all, what are bed bugs? Bed bugs are tiny little flightless insects which feed on human blood. They are most likely hiding at daytime which makes it difficult for us to find them. The best time to spot them is at night when we all go to sleep. Bed bugs can be found anywhere although you’ll find most of it in, around or under your mattress and beddings as that is where it feeds at night.

Why bedbugs are a huge problem for everyone? Its bite tends to be red, puffy, itchy, and leads to so much irritation. Usually, you will end up with so many bites on your body without you even noticing them. Its best to get rid of them as it multiplies rapidly until it is taken cared of.


Here are a few steps on how to get rid of bed bugs from your mattress:

Take away all removable covers and put them in a garbage bag to prevent them from spreading going to the washing machine. Wash it with hot water.

Clean your pillow and mattress with a vacuum. Thoroughly clean it all around its seams and crevices where bed bugs like to hide. Make sure to empty the vacuum cleaner bag outside to make sure nothing is left behind.

Once your pillows or mattress are cleaned, get a bed bug proof encasement. It’s a specialized mattress protector which go all around the mattress. You have to keep it covered for at least a year to make sure all the bed bugs are gone.

You may also call a pest control professional that will make sure get rid of them all instead of going through all these steps.

Rather than putting your mattress inside an encasement, you may want to consider buying a new one.

Need a new mattress to give you a bed bug-free good night’s sleep? Visit Mattress Sale Liquidators to help you with your Escondido mattress needs. Call us at 760-336-1735 for queries.

What’s The Perfect Mattress Size For You?

Whenever the day comes to buy a new mattress, you might find yourself being amazed of how many sizes of mattresses you can choose from. You might want to check out the sizes from an Escondido mattress shop.

 Selecting the suitable mattress size is really an important personal decision. You might want to select the perfect one possible, and the basic move is to know your interest and personal demand.

 Your mattress has to give enough support so that your shoulders, head, and spine are correctly leveled. It must not be either too soft or too firm, as either situation will influence your body’s condition.

 The twin size and full-size beds are the first options over the crib and toddler mattresses. Twin size or single size mattresses are estimated at 38 inches wide. Full size or double size mattresses are around 15 inches wider and going in at 75 inches long. Suitable to their compress size, grownups with a height over 5 foot by 5 inches might want a bigger mattress. A twin XL mattress is particularly famous in college dormitories due to its extra 5 to 6 inches span.

The Queen and King mattresses provide further area and usually the best option for partners. The queen size bed which is the famous option of them all gives about 80 inches in length and 60 inches in width; it allows about 30 inches of personal space for every sleeper. It allows space for a person who likes to stretch and is suitable in a home that has a smaller master bedroom.

 King size mattresses, on the other hand, measure up to 18 extra inches width to give almost the same space as for every sleeper who own twin beds. A King size bed can rather be bulky, though.

 For the last part, you might want to try laying down first to check out the size of the mattress that you are considering of buying. Finding the perfect mattress size for yourself will be the means for you to get quality sleep and rest.

 Confused or not sure of what is the most suitable mattress size for your needs? Just contact Mattress Sale Liquidators Escondido branch for any assistance at 760-336-1735.