Latex Mattresses: 3 Questions to Ask While Browsing Mattress Stores


While browsing local mattress stores in San Diego, you may have heard about how amazing latex mattresses are. In fact, you may have heard how great the product is that you may be considering buying one for yourself.

While it’s true that latex mattresses are a fantastic product, it may not be the best choice for everyone. You may want to ask yourself these questions while trying out latex mattresses at trusted mattress stores in San Diego like Mattress Sale Liquidators:

How concerned am I about the chemicals in my mattress?

Many mattresses are known to contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which were left behind after a particular mattress was chemically treated during manufacturing. This may be a concern for many people, especially for those who have respiratory conditions like asthma. Read more on this article:


Factors to Consider and Ignore When Buying New Mattresses in San Diego


Are you planning to buy a new mattress anytime soon? If so, it’s only natural to do as much research as you can to help you find the perfect mattress for sale in San Diego. However, not all the information you gather from different sources is immediately helpful. There are times when you need to properly analyze the information you find and sort out which is helpful and which isn’t as important. With that in mind, here are a few factors to consider and factors you can probably ignore:

Ignore: Firmness Labels When Comparing

As you look at different mattresses, you may notice different firmness labels like “extra firm” or “medium firm”. In general, it’s good to pay attention to these labels to give you an idea of what it would feel like to sleep on that particular mattress. However, different manufacturers label their mattresses based on their standards. An “extra firm” mattress may only be a “medium firm” mattress for another manufacturer. Test beds individually when comparing different brands. Read more on this article:

Ways to Prepare for DST

Daylight saving time starts again this March 12. We will again lose that much-needed extra hour of sleep as the clock sets forward an hour earlier. Here are a few tips to ensure you won’t become sleep-deprived:

  • One of the practical and helpful ways to prepare is to make sure that your children get good naps in a comfortable Orange County mattress a few days preceding the time shift. Even adults may need to do this to handle the change with ease. A short nap of 20 minutes can be revitalizing without making nighttime sleeping harder for both you and your kids.

  • Control the lights. Melatonin, the hormone that helps regulate your body’s internal circadian clock, is produced when it is dark. Turn off the lights and all electronic gadgets 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime to help your body transition into the new earlier sleep pattern.

  • Get a Sleep Break. After the change to daylight saving time, you can also take a short nap in the afternoon — not too close to bedtime.

  • Make sure to keep regular hours. Sleep and wake up every day at the same time to regulate the sleep pattern and a moderate  30 minutes walk not too close to bedtime three times a week can also help.

  • Avoid spicy or fatty food or having too much food in your stomach in the evening as this can cause indigestion which eventually leads to insomnia. Eating light and simple food several hours before bed will give you a  better night’s sleep.

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine hours before bedtime as it can trigger insomnia attacks too.

Mattress Stores: Tips for Buying a New Mattress if You Have Back Pain


When it’s time to purchase a new mattress, there’s no reason to delay visiting respected mattress stores around Orange County and checking out their selection. However, once you’re there, it’s for the best to take your time and choose the mattress you purchase carefully—especially if the reason you’re buying a new mattress because you’re experiencing back pain.

Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to help ensure your new mattress is what is truly best for your back. Before you head off to the nearest mattress store, make sure you follow these three quick tips.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you are experiencing chronic back pain, you may want to visit your doctor and ask what kind of mattress he or she recommends for you. Although your doctor is not a mattress expert, he or she can give you advice on how firm your mattress should be or the kind of material that works best for the specific cause of your back pain. From there, you can easily research different mattresses to create a shortlist of options. Read more from this blog:

Know the Truth: Squashing 4 Pervasive Myths Surrounding Your Mattress


There are many modern myths being whispered around Orange County. While most of these myths are harmless, there are some myths out there that may cause you to make poor decisions when it comes to your purchases. One such instance would be when you’re purchasing a mattress.

Unfortunately, there are many myths surrounding mattresses. For the most part, these myths stick around due to the lack of due diligence when it comes to research. If you will be hitting a mattress sale in the hopes of purchasing a new mattress in the near future, you may want to read and dispel the following myths from your thoughts to help you purchase the best mattress possible:

Mattresses are Essentially the Same

Just because Steve and Mary from two blocks down claim their bed is the greatest thing ever, it doesn’t mean you should get the exact same mattress they have. What works for someone else might not be best for you. After all, it isn’t practical to expect a mattress to feel the same and offer the same support to a 180-pound man and a 275-pound man. Read more from this blog:

Smart Mattresses May Soon Come to a San Diego Mattress Store Near You


Blue light insomnia may be one side-effect of using smart technology – but now smart technology has delivered a unique gizmo for better rest and proper sleep too.

The company Eight Sleep has designed a “smart” mattress that, with a compatible app, serves a bed, wake-up call, thermostat, sleep monitor, and coffee-maker all rolled into one.

Does it sound like a fantasy from the future? The bed might be at a mattress store in San Diego near you sooner than you think. Read more from this blog:

Replacing Your Mattress: 4 Signs Your Need to Start Shopping Around


There’s no denying that having a comfortable mattress can do wonders for the quality of your sleep. This is why many people spend so much time trying to find the best mattress for their needs. Considering the amount of time that you invest in buying a mattress, it’s a little understandable that you want to keep using your mattress for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, mattresses do begin to wear down over time. When it reaches this point, continued use can lead to poor sleep, affecting your performance at work, school, etc. With that in mind, it’s best to buy a brand new mattress from a respected retailer in San Diego, like Mattress Sale Liquidators as soon as you notice any of these warning signs:

The Age of the Mattress

In general, sleep experts claim you should replace your mattress every 10 years or so. As you age, you may want to look into changing your mattress a little more often. Studies have shown that how firm your mattress needs to be to support your back properly changes every seven to eight years after you reach 40 years old. Read more from this blog: