Is a Memory Foam Mattress Right for You? Three Factors to Consider


Memory foam was first used in the mid-1960s as the cushions of the seats NASA used in its planes. Since then, memory foam has been used in numerous applications. One of the most popular applications, however, has been in mattresses.

You may have heard from family or friends around Orange County that sleeping on a quality memory foam mattress is like “sleeping on a cloud”. After all, memory foam is popular for being incredibly soft and comfortable. This is because memory foam molds itself to the shape of the body, evenly distributing pressure and your body weight. The result is an amazingly comfortable a restful night of sleep.

Despite of all the advantages memory foam has to offer, keep in mind that it may not be the best option for you. After all, “comfort” is subjective; what may be comfortable for someone else may not be comfortable for you. If you are interested in purchasing a memory foam mattress at the next mattress sale in Orange County, be sure to consider these factors: Read more on this article:


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