Mattresses San Diego: Choosing The Perfect Mattress Cover

You’ve chosen among all the mattresses San Diego has available, finally getting the best bed for you.  Your new mattress is comfortable, fresh, and looks amazing.  But life happens, especially if you’ve got kids, pets, or are like most folks and occasionally eat or drink in bed (say, while you’re recovering from illness).  How can you protect your new mattress against stains and odors?  By choosing one of today’s high-quality mattress covers.  Read on to find out which criteria you should be shopping for to keep your new bed looking, smelling, and feeling great.




What Do You Need To Protect Against?


Before starting your shopping, take a moment to think about how you intend to use your new mattress.  Is this going to be an occasionally-used guest bed, or do you intend to sleep on it every night? Who is going to be using the bed?  Do you have pets, children, allergies, or any other special considerations?  Finally, do you want padding or other comfort enhancement, simple dust and stain protection, or both?


1. Protect Against Wear And Tear: A Cotton Cover


Are you dressing a seldom-used bed?  In that case, your optimum choice is a simple cotton mattress cover, designed to prevent basic wear and tear of the mattress and provide a barrier against dust.  A regular cotton cover isn’t waterproof, so this is not a good choice for a child’s bed, and because it doesn’t protect against dust mites, the cover should be laundered as often as you launder your sheets.


2. Protect Against Stains: A Waterproof Cover


Many people need to provide a bed for children or people with incontinence problems, and a waterproof mattress cover is a necessity in this case.  Look for a cover that can provide waterproof protection for the entire mattress.  While modern waterproof covers are much more cloth-like and less “crinkly” than old-school plastic mattress pads, some people find that layering a normal cotton mattress cover over the waterproof cover is more comfortable.

Shopping For Sleep And Happiness?

In spite of all the beautiful decorations, for many people the holidays are anything but magical.  While there are many reasons why people get down in the dumps this time of year, there is one cause that many find surprising: lack of sleep.  If you’ve been suffering from a low mood, a stop at one of the mattress stores Orange County has available may not have been your first thought, but it might be an important first step toward feeling better.


How Sleep Affects Your Mood


Everyone knows intuitively that they feel more grumpy the day after they miss hours of sleep, but science has actually broken the effect of sleep deprivation down for us.  Lack of sleep can:

  • Increase negative feelings like irritability, hostility, and aggression
  • Decrease your ability to regulate those negative feelings
  • Decrease your positive feelings like contentment, humor and empathy
  • Decrease your ability to feel pleasant things.


So, in short, when you’re underslept you’re more likely to get angry and less likely to be able to control it.  You’re also less likely to feel good in the first place, but if you do feel something pleasant, it doesn’t feel as good as it would if you were adequately rested.

Mattress Sale Orange County: Is A New Mattress Your Key To Weight Loss

Many people contemplating the mattress sale Orange County has available are searching for nothing more than a more comfortable night’s rest.  While many people recognize that lack of sleep can make them irritable, tired, and groggy, fewer are aware of the link between lack of sleep and weight gain.  With January and its resolutions right around the corner, is your sleep schedule holding you back?



Boost Your Weight Loss Efforts

Your body’s internal clock, or circadian rhythm, has a profound effect on every body system, including the intricate network of hormones that determines whether your body is inclined to sleep or be awake, and the equally intricate network that determines whether you store fat or burn it.  Did you know that research has shown that, for those trying to lose weight, getting adequate amounts of sleep can increase the amount of weight loss success by 33%?

How Much Sleep Is Enough?

Adequate sleep reduces your munchies-inducing stress hormones, boosts insulin sensitivity, and increases your ability to feel full.  Great!  You’re sold.  How much sleep do you have to get in order to get these benefits, anyway?  Experts agree that in order to see an effect on their weight, most people need not less than 7.5 hours per night, with some people who have been chronically underslept needing considerably more until their “sleep debt” is repaid.  For most people, assuming they are not chronically underslept, an ideal amount is between 7.5-8.5 hours per night.

How To Get That Shuteye

What if you go to bed on time, then toss and turn?  Here’s some tips that will have you snoring it no time:

  • Avoid bright lights and screens 1-2 hours before retiring.

  • Go to bed and get up at the same time every day, even on the weekend.  Your body’s internal clock works best when your routine is as consistent as possible.

  • Make sure your mattress isn’t holding you back: if you regularly wake up stiff, sore, or uncomfortable, it’s time to replace it.

  • Avoid exercise, eating, and drinking alcohol for 3-4 hours before you go to bed.

  • Make sure your bedroom is dark, cool, and quiet.

Good sleep is important for all sorts of reasons, and ignoring your body’s need for rest can impact much more than your mood or ability to pay attention the next day.  Losing weight is hard enough, why make it more difficult by not sleeping?  Get your bedroom and schedule in order now, and when January comes you’ll be well on your way to a new, slimmer you.


How Sleep Makes You Smarter –

Change Your Sleep Schedule, Lose Weight –

Looking For Your Ideal Newport Beach Dentist? Here’s Some Tips For Finding A Practice You Love

Dental health is one thing that many people neglect until they have a problem.  By then, however, it’s often too late–if you’re experiencing pain, a lot of damage has likely already occurred to your tooth.  Why suffer more than you have to?  With our tips, you’ll have no trouble finding a local  Newport Beach dentist you love.  (We are partial to Anthony Rich Dentistry.)

  1. Check Your Dentist’s Reputation

In the internet age, there’s no reason to pick a name blindly out of the phone book.  If you’re considering a dentist, a simple first step is to run an online search for their name and practice, and see what kind of patient reviews they have.  This also enables you to see any newspaper or blog articles about your prospective dentist.

  1. Check The State Dental Board

Did you know that your state requires dentists to be regulated by a state dental board?  You can access their website or give them a call to check whether there are any claims against a particular dentist.  Many people omit this step, but if your dentist is in trouble from the state regulatory board, wouldn’t you rather know before you go to your appointment?

Getting Your Best Sleep During The Holidays

While kids might enjoy getting up early for holiday activities, adults know that lack of sleep can take the fun out of the season.  If the holiday cheer is already starting to take a bite out of your sleep time, the mattress sale San Diego has available may have you considering whether there isn’t a better way.  Here’s our tips for getting your rest this season, so getting up in the morning won’t leave you feeling like a Scrooge.

1. Make Sure Your Mattress Is Up To The Task

Have you been wondering whether it’s time to replace your mattress?  In general, if your mattress is 7-10 years old, it’s time to consider getting a new one.  But if a mattress is heavily used, or if you have special considerations (such as chronic pain or other conditions) you may need to replace your mattress more frequently.  Remember, you shouldn’t be waking up in the morning stiff, achy, or unrested.  If you do, that’s a sign that your old mattress might have reached the end of its useful life, and need to be replaced.

2. Keep Your Schedule Consistent

Between holiday parties, fun seasonal activities, and family gatherings, it can seem like keeping a consistent bedtime is impossible.  However, sleep patterns are important enough that it’s worthwhile to be disciplined: examine your schedule, and determine which late evenings are really non-negotiable.  Taking your daughter to that special, once-a-year performance of The Nutcracker might be worth staying up for.  But for your third work-related party of the week?  You might be able to bow out after an hour or two and get home and to bed in time to be alert the next day.

How To Care For Your Mattress

Congratulations! You’ve searched among all the mattresses San Diego has available and you’ve made an excellent choice.  You’re ready to get rid of your old, uncomfortable mattress and enjoy the luxury and comfort of your new one.  But wait: do you know how to keep your new mattress looking, feeling, and working great for the long-term?  Check out our mattress care tips below, and you’ll be enjoying better sleep for years to come.


1. Get Set Up Smart


Whether you choose to take advantage of delivery and installation or to transport and install the new mattress yourself, there are a few pointers you want to keep in mind.  Remember to follow directions about how to install the mattress meticulously.  Is the frame or platform put together correctly and according to the factory instructions?  Next comes the foundation or box springs, if your mattress is designed to use them: consult illustrations or directions to ensure that they are sitting properly on the frame or platform.  Finally, be sure that you’ve set up your new mattress square on the platform, foundation, or box springs.  Before stretching out on your new bed, double-check that all instructions have been followed and everything is square and aligned to avoid damaging the corners or underside of your mattress.




2. Remember To Rotate, If Necessary


While many modern mattresses are designed to not need it, if you’ve chosen a more traditional style of mattress you’ll want to be sure to schedule regular rotation.  A good general rule is to rotate the mattress from end-to-end.  Some mattresses can also be flipped.  If you’re in doubt about whether this is a good idea with your mattress, consult the mattress care instructions that came with it, or the manufacturer’s website.


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