Important Factors to Consider When Buying Mattresses in San Diego


A bed is one of the most basic home furnishings, and arguably the most important one since it’s what you’ll be sleeping on every night. There’s more to a bed than just a bed frame and headboard, though. In addition to buying the furniture part of the bed, you’ll also have to buy the mattress part. Sometimes, beds and mattresses are sold together, and sometimes they’re not. Even if they are, you probably want to pick out the mattress that best suits you. When you’re looking for mattresses in San Diego, here’s what you’ll probably want to consider before making your purchase.


One of the most important things to consider is the size of mattress that you want. Mattresses come in twins, fulls, queens and kings. You’ll need to determine not only how many people are going to be sleeping on the mattress but how large the room is where the mattress is going to be placed. While a twin size might ideal for small children’s rooms, couples tend to prefer to put a queen or king in their master bedrooms. Read more on this Article:


How to Shop Around for the Perfect Mattress to Sleep on Each Night


Are you one of the many people having trouble getting enough sleep every night? You might be surprised to learn that your old lumpy mattress might be the reason behind those sleepless nights. Now is probably the best time to consider replacing your mattress.

The mattress that you sleep on each night determines the amount of sleep that you get and how comfortable you feel. It’s important that you use one that has plenty of support and works for both you and your partner. When you’re ready to upgrade your mattress, there are a few important tips to follow to find the right one to purchase. Read more on this article:

How Should You Choose the Best Mattress If You Have Chronic Back Pain


If you’re one of the thousands of people in the San Diego area who suffer from chronic back pain, your choice of mattress may have an impact on your ability to sleep in comfort. Conventional wisdom once stated that a firm mattress will offer the best chance of a restful night’s sleep and less problems with morning mobility. However, back pain sufferers looking for mattresses need to know that this one-size solution isn’t right for everyone.

Why Your Mattress Matters

There’s an almost overwhelming selection of mattresses in shops, but any mattress that doesn’t allow a comfortable sleep experience is obviously going to be the wrong choice. Although a firm mattress does technically foster the right head-to-toe body alignment that is the basis for easing back pain, people who also have problems with joint pain or muscle stiffness in their hips and shoulders may see those issues worsen. Read more on this article:

You’ve Got a Mattress, Now Design a Welcoming Bedroom to Sleep In



The single most important thing you need to get a good night’s sleep is a great mattress, which is why so many people choose to make this their top priority. But having a bedroom that’s warm, welcoming, and comfortable is just as important.

To make your bedroom the relaxing haven you need it to be, you’ll need to think about a few key aspects of design.

Why is a Mattress the Most Important Thing?

A mattress will dictate not only how well you sleep, but your general health as well. 92% of people agree that a good mattress will promote a good sleeping pattern, and this is because it will eliminate uncomfortable back pain, stop tossing and turning and eliminate stress. Read more from this blog.


Factors to Consider and Ignore When Buying New Mattresses in San Diego


Are you planning to buy a new mattress anytime soon? If so, it’s only natural to do as much research as you can to help you find the perfect mattress for sale in San Diego. However, not all the information you gather from different sources is immediately helpful. There are times when you need to properly analyze the information you find and sort out which is helpful and which isn’t as important. With that in mind, here are a few factors to consider and factors you can probably ignore:

Ignore: Firmness Labels When Comparing

As you look at different mattresses, you may notice different firmness labels like “extra firm” or “medium firm”. In general, it’s good to pay attention to these labels to give you an idea of what it would feel like to sleep on that particular mattress. However, different manufacturers label their mattresses based on their standards. An “extra firm” mattress may only be a “medium firm” mattress for another manufacturer. Test beds individually when comparing different brands. Read more on this article:

Replacing Your Mattress: 4 Signs Your Need to Start Shopping Around


There’s no denying that having a comfortable mattress can do wonders for the quality of your sleep. This is why many people spend so much time trying to find the best mattress for their needs. Considering the amount of time that you invest in buying a mattress, it’s a little understandable that you want to keep using your mattress for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, mattresses do begin to wear down over time. When it reaches this point, continued use can lead to poor sleep, affecting your performance at work, school, etc. With that in mind, it’s best to buy a brand new mattress from a respected retailer in San Diego, like Mattress Sale Liquidators as soon as you notice any of these warning signs:

The Age of the Mattress

In general, sleep experts claim you should replace your mattress every 10 years or so. As you age, you may want to look into changing your mattress a little more often. Studies have shown that how firm your mattress needs to be to support your back properly changes every seven to eight years after you reach 40 years old. Read more from this blog:

What Makes Stearns & Foster Mattresses Stand Out among Other Brands


If Stearns & Foster’s 2016 performance carries over this year, then its mattresses might stand out still among consumers. Stearns & Foster has recently announced a record year for growth with a 200% upsurge in brand search. More consumers, according to the mid- to luxury-level mattress company, began considering its products more. It particularly enjoyed a record shipment the week after Labor Day, a key holiday for buying mattresses.

For over 165 years, Stearns & Foster continues to deliver the best materials, innovation, and craftsmanship in each of their products. Handcrafted by certified craftsmen and known for its meticulous attention to detail, Stearns & Foster mattresses boast exceptional sleep technologies to provide you with a well-deserved night’s rest. Other than these qualities, what more can you expect from the products offered by this mattress brand? Read more from this blog

A Mattress Can Save You from the Costs of Being Sleepless in San Diego


You’ve heard it since you were little: Get eight hours of sleep every night. But just because you know it doesn’t mean you always follow it. In fact, an article from Mashable says more than a third of Americans do not attain adequate sleep, so much so that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has declared lack of sleep as a public health concern.

Whether it is because of stress or the sheer amount of tasks you need to finish in a day, getting less than enough sleep is likely a common occurrence for you. The thing is, lack of sleep isn’t just costing you some Z’s—it’s also causing you to lose money.Read more from this blog: